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Could You & I Do Something BIG Together?

My name is Kevin Thompson and since June of 2007 I’ve collaborated on 452 joint venture projects and made 16.1 Million in sales with my partners. 

Let’s find out if you and I could also do something BIG together, introduce yourself,

Hello! I’m Kevin.

I’ve successfully collaborated with partners in the businesses of self-defense, health and fitness, weight loss, emergency preparedness, consumer publishing, self-improvement, meditation, dental care, chiropractic and credit repair to name a few.

We’ve even got documentary film maker Jeff Hays (Jeff Hays Films) on our list of partners.

it’s certainly been profitable along the way, but what motivates me FAR more than the revenue is the valuable relationships I’ve created and the impact we’re making together.

I love collaborating with like-minded people so we can do great things together, provide incredible value to the people we serve, and get compensated extremely well for our efforts.

Examples of the caliber of people I’ve been collaborating with, & the kind of results we’ve been getting.

Dr. Woody Oakes – Dentist
Tim Larkin – Self Defense
Andy Shaw – Personal Development)
Garrett Gunderson – Financial Planning
Frank Bates – Self Reliance
Tyler Bramlett – Health & Fitness
Jeff Hays – Documentary Film Producer
Jackie Flynn – Agora Inc. – International Living

The Impact & Legacy Virtual Roundtable

This by-invitation virtual roundtable is hosted exclusively for entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs who are focused on making a bigger impact in the world and leaving the kind of legacy you envision.

The sole purpose of this roundtable is to connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs to facilitate real, meaningful and long-term aligned relationships with people who will proactively support you in making your biggest impact and leaving the kind of legacy you envision. By collaborating together, we’re the ones best positioned to make the world a better place through both our businesses and our philanthropic endeavors.


Since founding Centerpointe Research Institute in 1989 and launching our first website at in 1997, it’s become one of the most popular personal growth resources in the world, serving more than 1,000,000 people in 193 countries.

Unfortunately, there are many people who will promise you overnight internet riches and push button millions, but the overwhelming majority of these “How to make lots of money” schemes are complete BS.

But… what Kevin Thompson has to offer is the “real deal”. This is NOT some hyped-up get rich quick scheme.

It’s a simple but elegant method that’s been quietly making really good money for Kevin and his clients for over ten years and I believe it will work for anyone who implements his easy-to-follow steps.

I even picked up a copy of Kevin’s system for my own son because I was THAT impressed with it!

Bill Harris

When I was first introduced to Kevin and I found out what he did, my initial thought was, “His offer isn’t a right fit for my subscribers”. I teach people self defense techniques so they’re able to survive any life and death situation.

Kevin on the other hand, teaches people how to have a successful online business of their own, and like I said… on the surface, it just didn’t seem like we were a right fit.

But… because Kevin came so highly recommended by someone I knew and trusted, I kept an open mind and decided to do a joint venture project with him.

I sure am glad I did, because I was amazed to find out how many of my subscribers WERE interested in his topic. I got to be the “good guy” for introducing them to Kevin and we made $66,408.00, even though I barely lifted a finger.

It took less than 10 minutes of my time to do the entire project, and I almost feel like I took advantage of him.

To this day I’m still hearing from subscribers who rave about his behind-the-scenes tour and thank me for introducing them to Kevin.

My #1 goal is to protect the Target Focus Training brand I’ve worked so hard to build since 2003. Kevin is a guy who understands that and is a master at making YOU look like a super hero.

My advice… get in touch with him ASAP and find out how soon he can schedule a joint venture project with you.

Tim Larkin

I’ve known Kevin since 1997, when he hired me to help him turn around the carpet cleaning business he owned at the time. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Today Kevin is a respected and well known advisor to the people he serves, and he’s also one of the most genuine and ethical people I know.

I recently referred a potential joint venture partner to Kevin, and while I can’t reveal who it was, I can tell you that this individual called later to tell me what a pleasure it was working with Kevin and let me know that the two of them had made a ton of money together.

To make things even better, shortly after this conversation, I get a check from Kevin for 10% of the sales they’d made, as a “thank you” for that introduction. That’s the kind of guy Kevin is.

He’s a guy who “gets it”. He knows how to treat people right. He lives by the 5th Kekich Credo which says… “Always show gratitude when earned, monetarily when possible”.

Because I’ve known him for so long, I can give him my highest possible endorsement. If you’re looking for someone who can deliver on every one of his promises… Kevin is your guy.

Joe Polish

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